Super Slow Cooker Recipes

These cold mornings are a teaser for winter, and have us dreaming of soups, stews, and all the delicious things that can be cooked in a slow cooker, simmering all day, a delicious aroma filling your house.

While it’s not quite cool enough to have the slow cooker going every day, we’ve compiled a few recipes that would be great to add to your wintertime slow cooker arsenal of recipes.

Chunky Chipotle Chicken Soup:

Cincinnati Chili with Turkey and Pumpkin:

Bean Soup with Andouille and Collards:

Chicken and Pasta Soup:

Shiitake and Noodle Hot and Sour Soup


Black Bean Mushroom Chili:

Yum! Those all sound delicious – and most of them can be adapted to dairy free or gluten free versions. There are also few vegetarian versions in there. Something for everyone. The crock pot is a great way to have food prepared and ready for you when you get home – so pull it out from the back of your cabinet, and get to using it!