(You can still be a) Foodie Friday


Ick. What a terrible word. It implies boring, tasteless, monotonous and deprivation. No one wants to diet.

The changes you make when deciding to live a healthier life typically include eating better. We want to challenge you to exclude the word “diet” from your vocabulary. This is not a diet. This is a lifestyle.

Because we are creating a long term lifestyle that includes healthy eating, we want the way you are eating to be sustainable. We want you to eat healthy, delicious food that makes you feel full, nourished, and satisfied. We don’t want you to feel deprived or constantly hungry. You can still love food! The key is to change your focus onto seasonal/fresh vegetables and fruits, lean meats, poultry, fish and other whole, real foods.

Before we share a recipe with you, here are a few ways to make your healthy food more exciting!

1. Experiment with spices.

There is an entire world out there of spices. Have you ever cooked with curry? Turmeric? Coriander? Chinese 5 Spice powder is a great one too. There is also curry paste, which is a completely different taste than curry powder. You can even try new combinations of spices, like rosemary, sage, paprika, red pepper flakes and a touch of nutmeg – works great with beef or pork. Have you ever had Jamaican jerk rub on your chicken or fish? Experiment with new spices to make a once boring dish exciting. Don’t forget the veggies too – they are another place to experiment with new seasonings.

2. Make Sneaky Swaps.

There are small changes you can make in cooking your food to make it feel more indulgent while still being healthy. Try plain greek yogurt in place of sour cream. Create zucchini noodles or use spaghetti squash in place of flour based noodles. Use applesauce or bananas in baking as a substitute for sugar, and mashed avocado makes a great substitute for oil in baking as well. Try almond meal in place of bread crumbs when making a “crusted” recipe – you can use it as a breading or on top of casseroles. Try mashed cauliflower to make “faux-tatoes.” The possibilities are endless!

3. Try a new recipe, vegetable, or fruit.

Don’t get stuck in a rut! Try one new recipe a week – Food Network has so many great ideas, and be sure to check Cooking Light or Eating Well also. Have you ever been to the farmer’s market? There is usually at least one vegetable or fruit there that you haven’t tried. Be brave, and try it out! Usually the vendors will be able to tell you the best way to cook/eat/prepare it.

And now, a recipe from a guest blog. These zucchini pizza boats are easy, delicious, and husband approved! Put the ingredients on your grocery list. Click here for the recipe.



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